Enrollment & Financial Information

If you wish to enroll you may download and print the following documents. You may also call +1 (800) 806-2140 to request brochure and enrollment forms.

The downloadable forms require Adobe ReaderĀ®.

Enrollment Procedures

To Start Enrollment Process: Complete the Student Application & Request for Release of Records Forms. Mail it to the address shown on the form with at least the $85.00 application fee, plus $40.00 Transcript Evaluation Fee for each high school student. You may pay your service fees in advance, if you wish. Fees are listed on the application. Our academy functions year-round and you may enroll with us at any time. Your enrollment is good for one calendar year (12 months).

The application must be filled out completely, and the school agreement signed by both parents/guardians. Once we receive the application fee and forms, we will send you the diagnostic tests along with instructions on how to give them. We will send you our school handbook and a CD on school procedures.

Diagnostic Testing & Placement: We do diagnostic placement testing in Math and English to determine where to start students. We send the tests to you with instructions and they are done in your home. They are not timed tests. It may take two or three days for the student to complete. The tests cover several grade levels at one time. Once the student has completed all they can, the tests are returned to our office for us to score and evaluate. Through diagnostic testing, we can place students according to capability and even pinpoint any weakness or gaps.

To help with the evaluation and placement, we request records from the student’s previous school. Diagnostic tests, school records, and parent input allow us to effectively place students into our curriculums.

For those who are enrolling with us and are already using our curriculum, or coming from a school that uses our curriculum, we do not necessarily have to do the diagnostic testing, unless you wish too, but you must still pay the full application fee.

Enrollment Not Complete Until: Enrollment does not take place in C.C.A. until:

  1. The application form is filled out and signed.
  2. The diagnostic tests are returned for scoring, (if testing was done)
  3. The first quarter’s service fee is paid. (Service Fees)

Then you are enrolled in C.C.A.. Diagnostic tests must be returned within three weeks, if not, all school records we have sent for will be returned to that school.

Once you are enrolled, the diagnostic tests are scored, and your first quarter’s service fee is paid, we will contact you by phone and discuss the results of the tests, placement in subjects and curriculum options, go over the procedures of the school, and send you your first quarter’s curriculum or however many quarters you have paid for. It normally takes from 5 to 10 working days, from the time we receive your diagnostic tests and service fee until the day we call you and send out materials. There is one exception to this in relation to high school students. We must have their school record of credits earned in order to get them set up in all their subjects. We cannot set these students up or even send curriculum until we receive their transcript. Normally the day or day after we call you to setup your student, will be the day when we send materials.

You are not “Home Schooling” (Florida Residents only)

Florida residents who are enrolled with us do not have to be registered with the superintendent of schools in their county in order to teach their children at home. Registering with the superintendent only applies to families not fulfilling their attendance through a private school. Through our Academy you are not “Home Schooling”, but are functioning as an extension of C.C.A.. You are an extension of a private school in your home.

Terminology is important! When enrolling with us during the school year, public schools require you to officially withdraw a student . When you withdraw your student from a public school, be sure not to put down “Home Schooling” as the reason for withdrawing, but put down that you are enrolling your child in C.C.A., a private Christian school. This will save a lot of confusion and keep them from classifying you as a “home schooler”. Use right terminology. Do not even refer to yourself as a “home schooler”.

“We live in another State?”

We have families enrolled with us all over the United States. Home Schooling is legal in all 50 states, but each of these families outside of Florida must find out what their state requires to teach their children at home. We can help you as described, but you may have to do reporting to your state. Each state is different. We will do what we can to always help in each situation.

Service Fee: (See Application) The service fee for a year provides curriculum for an average years work, which includes five to six subjects, depending on the grade. Creative Writing and some High School subjects require resource books which are included in your service fee. These resource books are on a loan basis and must be returned for other students to use. All score keys, test keys, teachers manuals, and solution books are on a loan basis and must be returned each year. The service fee includes maintenance of permanent transcripts, counsel to parents on how to instruct student, and monitoring of student progress.

If you pay your service fee by the quarter, then you will receive a quarter’s worth of work in subjects using ACE PACEs, (3 PACEs per subject and any resource books you may need) and the full curriculum for NON-ACE Curriculums. About a month after receiving your first quarter’s work, you should send another quarter’s service fee, so you can have more material on hand before you send in your first quarter’s report. The service fee should be paid ahead of time and does not have to wait for a report to be sent in to be paid.

“What if we already have Paces at home?”

Some families come to us already having bought their ACE Curriculum, or some may be transferring from an ACE School and the school may have given them PACEs to take home. If this is the case for you, you will need to call our office concerning how we handle this. You must pay our fees to obtain curriculum and not obtain curriculum from other sources when you are enrolled in our school.

The downloadable forms require Adobe ReaderĀ®.