Financial Information

Financial Information Our Fees Include Curriculum
Application Fee: First Year (New) Students (1st – 12th grades) (non-refundable). Includes diagnostic testing if needed.
First New Student $85
Second New Student $55
3rd New Student and Up $25
Transcript Evaluation Fee: Mandatory fee for new students of 9th through 12th grades. Add to Application fee. (example: $85.00 + $40.00 = $125.00)  $40
Re-enrollment Fee: (Due each year after first year complete) $25
SERVICE FEES PER STUDENT INCLUDE: Curriculum, tax, & service. ACE Curriculum is our preferred curriculum of choice and will be prescribed, unless you choose otherwise. You may choose to substitute some quarterly curriculums with one, two, or three full year curriculums. All curriculum choices, other than ACE Curriculum, must be discussed with us first. Diagnostic placement testing must be completed before making a final decision. IMPORTANT: After you have received your first set of curriculum, all curriculum decisions are FINAL. You must complete that years prescribed curriculum before making changes. No switching to some other curriculum part way through the year. Changes are difficult on students, so choose wisely when making a decision on which curriculum to use.

Quarterly Curriculums

(The following curriculums can be issued one quarter at a time)

ACE Curriculum: 1st graders are in five subjects in ACE Curriculum, 2nd through 6th graders are in six subjects, 7th and 8th are in five subjects, and 9th through 12th are in six subjects per year. PACEs include Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Word Building, Creative Writing/Literature, HS Electives.
Alpha Omega LIFEPACs: Worktexts for 1st through 12th grades in Math, Language Arts, History/Geography, Science, Bible, and Electives.

Full Year Curriculums

 (The following curriculums can be issued one time for the whole year.)

Saxon Math: Textbooks for 4th through 12th grade. Apologia Science Courses: Textbooks for 4th through 12th grades. Note: All Score Keys, Teacher Guides, and Resource Books must be returned. They are on a loan basis and are property of CCA.

Curriculum Payment Options Fees Include Curriculum, Tax & Services = Total
Option #1 – Paid In Full:
Full Payment (Grades 1 through 8) $820 =$820.00
Full Payment (Grades 9 through 12) $880 =$880.00
Option #2 – Paid by the Quarter:
Quarterly Payment (Grades 1 through 8) $205 +$205 each quarter =$820.00
Quarterly Payment (Grades 9 through 12) $220 +$220 each quarter =$880.00
Note for Families with 4 or more students: For Families with more than 3 students in our school, we will for the 4th child & up take $320.00 off the full years fee or $80.00 off each quarters payment of the option you choose. Grades 1 – 8 would be $500.00 a year or $125.00 per quarter; Grades 9 – 12 would be $560.00 a year or $140.00 per quarter.

Note: If you already have all your curriculum for the year and want us to keep records only, we will do so, for $380.00 a year or $95 a quarter for 1st thru 8th grades; $420.00 or $105.00 per quarter for 9th thru 12th grades. We can reduce our fees above according to however many subjects you have already as well. We are very flexible. Call for details. 1-800-806-2140

Fees Subject to change without notice.